Organic Cotton

Our 100% organic cotton is kinder to even the most sensitive skins as well as caring for the planet. Sourced from sustainable farmers who do not use harmful chemicals, which is kinder to our earth and safer for the environment. Ecologically dyed and spun to produce a super-soft and sleek knitted nursing shawl that drapes beautifully and washes as new.


Organic cotton rarely causes any skin allergies and is gentle on your skin. As babies' skin is 5 times thinner than an adult's, it helps to protects you and your baby against the harmful effects of chemically treated cotton.

NO GMO seeds: Organic Cotton does not use harmful chemicals or genetically modified seeds commonly used in textile processing.This helps to protect the farmers and our environment.

Uses less water: 96% of the Producer Groups of Organic cotton harvest rainwater. By eliminating the use of pesticides and fertilisers, organic cotton keeps waterways and drinking water safe and clean. Water pollution is 98% less than non-organic cotton production.