Storksak shining in the press

It’s always great to see our lovely changing bags in the pages of glossy magazines, and so here we are sharing our proud moments with you!

Storksak has had a very busy few months of press coverage, and we’re delighted to see how much journalists and loyal customers love our changing bags.

Our bags have been seen everywhere recently, from big fashion and lifestyle magazines like Grazia and Irish Tatler, to top baby publications like Gurgle baby magazine and Baby & Me. Lots of our styles including the Tania Bee, Bailey, Ellena, Aubrey, Ashley, Sofia and Kate Patent have all been featured.

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite press bits, as featured in parenting magazines over the past year…

Gurgle Magazine, May 2014
Gurgle is championing our Ellena as the perfect subtle and understated changing bag for new mums.


Storksak changing bags as featured in Gurgle magazine


Baby and Me, May 2014
We were delighted to see Baby and Me include our Kate Patent in their ‘Changing bags we love’ selection.


Storksak changing bags in Baby and Me magazine


Baby and Me, November 2013
Our Ashley Blue is included in the top pick of changing bags for new dads.


Storksak's Bailey in Baby&Me magazine


Parenting Magazine, April 2013
The Elizabeth is included in the ‘Hot Mama’ list, as a stylish and functional choice for Moms on the go.


Storksak's Elizabeth in Parentign magazine


Angels and Urchins, March 2014
The Bailey weekend bag is featured in Angels and Urchins in ‘Pregnancy and Baby News’ as a good choice for a weekend or hospital bag.


Storksak changing bags in 'Angels and Urchins' magazine


Choosing your Storksak Changing Bag

Storksak changing bags are great for keeping organised and carrying your baby’s essentials, including nappies, wipes, bottles and dummies, alongside your own belongings.

There are so many different sizes, shapes and colours of changing bag available in every fabric and at every price point however, choosing the one that’s right for you might seem overwhelming.

It’s worth taking your time when choosing your Storksak, as having the right changing bag by your side can make life so much easier as a new mum. To help you out we’ve covered a few main points for you to consider, to help you start thinking about what you actually want and need in a changing bag:


A sumptuous leather changing bag is the ultimate luxury choice, but if you want something a little more casual looking, are keeping to a budget, or perhaps won’t buy leather for ethical reasons, Storksak offers a variety of alternatives.

The Bobby and Poppy bags are made in a high quality quilted nylon, which is designed to be hard wearing and withstand every day use. A few of our bags are also cotton canvas, which works particularly well for unisex styles such as the Ashley and Bailey.

If you are looking for a classic leather design the Elizabeth, Sofia or new Lucinda bag are some of our loveliest leather choices, and will double up as handbags or work bags when baby is out of nappies, and you need to carry a laptop rather than a changing mat.


Size is a tricky issue when it comes to changing bags. As a new mother you have a lot to carry so will probably look for a bag larger than the handbag you previously carried. However, choose a bag that’s too big and it becomes heavy and tempting to over-fill.

If you have twins or need to carry a lot about with you one of our larger bags, such as the Bailey or Tote might be your best choice.

If you breast feed and dont need to carry bottles, formulas etc a smaller bag might be more suitable. Some of our slightly smaller styles include the Elizabeth, which is quite a slim design, and the Helena.

Ease of Cleaning

Your new bag needs to be practical and easy to clean. All Storksak bags have wipe clean linings, but if you choose a synthetic style many are also wipe clean on the outside too.

It is possible to clean leather bags as well, and a variety of products can be used to do so. It is best to test on a less visible area first however, as some leather cleaners could discolour your bag. Read our care instructions for more detailed information.

Carrying a bottle

An important component of the baby-changing bag is a holder or section to keep your baby’s bottle out of the way, clean and temperature regulated. Storksak integrate an insulated bottle holder into each bag in a variety of ways, either with a removable bottle holder bag, or a zipped, concealed bottle pocket.

You may prefer the pocket as a part of your bag as a neat option for keeping your baby’s bottle in place. Bags with an insulated pocket include the Lucinda, Tote and Jamie. If you plan to use your bag for work also, you might prefer a design with a removal bottle holder, such as the Caroline or Nina.

To go girly or keep it sensible and unisex…?

If you’re a girly girl and you are going to be the only one carrying your changing bag, you can go all out – the bright Bobby Magenta, Tote in Diamonds Black or Bailey in Coral are all pretty, feminine fashion choices which are sure to get you noticed.

However, if your partner is also going to be using your changing bag, making him carry around your bright pink Storksak might not be a popular decision! Luckily we offer a range of stylish unisex designs, including the Ashley in black or blue, Bailey in black or navy, or the celebrity dad’s favourite, Jamie in espresso or black.

View our full range of Storksak changing bags and choose the right one for you here.

Amoralia offers Storksak’s customers an exclusive discount…

Storksak has teamed up with beautiful underwear brand Amoralia for a discount on their products – now you can enjoy an impressive 20% off Amoralia’s full price items until August 15th 2014 with product code P15SSK.

The lovely brand makes a range of pretty yet practical underwear, swimwear and nightwear for women during every stage of pregnancy, as well as for nursing mothers.

There is nothing more important than feeling comfortable and supported during the changes your body goes through during pregnancy and early motherhood, so luckily Amoralia has the products you need as well as plenty of practical advice for choosing the right items.

Amoralia was born seven years ago after its creator Jules noticed a gap in the market for beautiful yet functional underwear for pregnant women and new mothers – much as Storksak was created when our founders Mel and Suzi realized the need for a stylish yet functional baby changing bag. For this reason our two brands are perfect partners!

Amoralia is constantly striving to further their expertise through research, feedback from Mums, testing and tweaking, so it’s not surprising they have won the UK Fashion & Export award for lingerie and beach fashion, as well as coming runner up in the Blueprint business planning awards back in 2005.

Take a look at Amoralia’s lovely range here to choose your perfect products at a brilliant 20% off full price items.