Happy Customer Feedback :)

This morning we received this lovely feedback from a pleased customer. The little things like this made us very happy! Thank you Nicola, and we hope you continue to enjoy using your Storksak…

I have had my Olivia bag (moss) for 2 and 1/2 years now and its been the best £98 I’ve ever spent. It has withstood daily use carrying absolutely everything I could possibly need for my daughter and I don’t think I have ever been happier with a purchase.

It still looks as good as it did the day I bought it and I’m always complemented on my bag – most people do not realise its a baby changing bag.

When we have our second child I will look no where else for a new changing bag – I will buy another Storksak. And the only reason I am buying another one is because of the divine choice of colours the Olivia bag comes in.

Thank you for making such a wonderful bag that is not only superbly practical but stylish and chic and makes me proud to have it on my shoulder.

Kind regards,
Nicola Moore

6 thoughts on “Happy Customer Feedback :)

  1. I’ve actually had a very opposite experience with my Storksak diaper bag. I bought the bag after my first son was born a few years ago. I bought it after doing quite a bit of research on diaper bags, and selected Storksak based on its claims of high durability and superior quality, as well as great design. I ended up only using the bag a handful of times (maybe 12 uses tops), carefully packaging it and putting it away for my next child.

    Fast forward a few years. I pulled it out again to use with my new son. Within 3 weeks, the pleather like material on the handles of the bag started to fall off, leaving this pleathery residue all in my bag, all over my baby things and on the ground. The material also crumbled off into my hands when I carried the bag, making a huge mess. It’s a huge pain, messy, looks awful, and I’m not able to use it anymore.

    After doing some research on the Storksak site on their return policy of six months, I still contacted Storksak today to see if they would be willing to make an exception since the bag was barely used and falling apart…a completely different scenario from the review above from the woman using the bag for 2 1/2 years. I thought they may be willing to work something out since they prided themselves on their exceptional quality…maybe 50% off a new bag? They probably would still make money off of me with the markup. It ends up the Customer Service woman could care less. Since I was out of the six month period, she said she could do nothing for me but offered me a 30% discount on a new bag. When I tried to explain my situation further, she got really short, gave a really awkward pause and said ‘have a good day’ before ending the call. Far from great customer service…why would I pay money on a brand that had fallen apart on me and was then rude about it? I paid over $250 for this bag, and have had better experience with a reusable tote. Seriously???

    I need to buy another bag, but definitely not a Storksak. I’m in a community of new or pregnant moms, and will definitely share my experience with everyone on the crappy service and awful quality. Just another example of a company that claims to be different from the rest with incredible quality and service, but ends up being another subpar piece of shyte, not worth the money.

  2. I agree, my Storksak has been the best investment I’ve made, both in terms of style and practicality! I also commend the customer service; when I had a problem with the strap on my Elizabeth, Faye at Storksak sent a replacement first class immediately. Highly recommended, worth every penny!

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  4. “Happy Customer Feedback 🙂 | Storksak Blog” truly got me personally simply hooked with your
    webpage! I personallywill wind up being returning a whole lot more regularly.

    Thanks ,Michelle

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